Food Security. Rural Communities And Industry. Heritage And Values.

What Is The Initiative?

An EU-wide petition aiming for 1 million verified signatures in support of the EU's rural and food-producing communities and their livelihoods.

What Can You Do?

Signing this petition brings us closer to EU action! Share widely among friends, family, and social media in support of the EU's rural areas.

What Will It Achieve?

The EU will need to develop a modernised plan to strengthen our rural regions and industries. One that supports regional heritage education and tourism, greater food security and supply of agricultural materials that are the backbone of the rural way of life, ultimately promoting investment and rising living standards.

Why Does It Matter?

As a European Citizens Initiative, once we reach 1 million signatures, the European Commission is obligated to respond and take action. Our rural sectors and those that work in them face increasing pressure to sustain their livelihoods which, if not addressed, will lead to the extinction of some of Europe's most foundational communities and values. Sign the Petition.

Protect And Promote The EU's Rural Areas And Food Security

The European Citizens' Initiative "Protect the EU's Rural Heritage, Food Security and Supply" calls on the EU to:

  • Create a proposal to strengthen and preserve regional heritages and industries throughout the EU.
  • Promote investment and rising living standards in rural communities by developing regional heritage-focused tourism, education, and industry across the EU, with respect to sustainable production.
  • Enhance the level of consultaion with local and rural representatives on the details of legalisation that impacts them.

What Is A European Citizens' Initiative

The EU created Citizens' Initiatives for its people to lead change.

When a Citizens' Initiative reaches 1 million signatures, the European Commission is obligated to respond to its citizens and take action.

Citizens' Initiatives require everyone signing to provide personal data to validate their support - ensuring the legitimacy of signature collection. Your information can and will only be used for the support of this initiative, and not for other purposes. ProtectRuralHeritage is following all legal requirements, GDPR, and data protection rules.

Europe has a proud tradition of supporting its agricultural and rural-based communities and their way of life. And yet, our rural sectors and those that work them face increasing pressure and diminishing incentives to continue, which, if not addressed, will lead to the extinction of some of Europe's most fundamental communities nad values. To preserve what makes these regions unique for future generations and ensure the longevity of the EU's food-producing communities, we need a renewed EU commitment to the promotion of regional heritage, rural sustainable growth and rising living standards. The textile industry is a prime example, which has become centred around fast fashion rather than environmentally sustainable slow and natural fibre-based fashion. Signing this European Citizens' Initiative asks the EU to develop a proposal to modernise its rural commitments to take into consideration the need for greater food security, supply of agricultural materials, and protection for the rural way of life - its people, their values, and livelihoods